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I was so young and clueless

I was so young and clueless

This photo taken 30 years ago was on vacation in Florida we had just meet.

when I was younger I wouldn’t commit to a relationship broke a few hearts. . never understood what the young ladies liked about me.. but knew there was many wines to taste, I wouldn’t stop until I had tasted them all..

As I have gotten older wiser it’s not about the quanity I can consume but is quality chemistry dating takes much energy I have found and quality hard to find its not about the pretty bottle the wine comes in taste it and may be sour .. usually is in my case..

So I guess I am in search of a good wine but now I know more of what I am looking for see in the past when a good one came along I was so drunk from tasting all the others I couldn’t focus or know what I was tasting ..

Today I have had my share and have a few.regrets …easy does it .. remove the cork smell it. I take my time smell from the bottled .. pour a sip in the glass.. then taste it see if it is to your liking if the 2 of u mix together. .

When young was one after another paying no attention to taste just guzzling it down from the bottle.. then to the next .. I guess more than any thing I have regrets about the hearts I broke they deserved better than that, but all in all it is my loss not theirs…