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20 years of being a picker of vintage brings me to ART... Part of My Story by Raymond Guest

20 years of being a picker of vintage brings me to ART… Part of My Story by Raymond Guest

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20 years of being a picker of vintage brings me to ART… Part of My Story by Raymond Guest

Real Picker of Vintage for 20 years before it was Kool..

I was an old school picker got my start at Canton Trades Days in Canton Texas. I have heard that swap meet has been going for over a hundred years. When sellers would fill the town square with guns produce from crops livestock  and such buy and trade. 

20 years ago I ran across some vintage stuff bought it knowing I could sell for a profit would sell at Canton. They opened once a month for a few days. I can remember the people loved my stuff even the dealers who sold there were all over my booth buying left and right. I thought to my self these people are crazy buying this old stuff. Little did I know they were reselling at a much higher price..

I was the new kid at Canton the old timers took me under their wings after a bit they liked me said I had a real good eye for junk.. They told me some secrets to finding good junk, secrets I haven’t heard American Pickers talk about maybe because they are just actors Maybe?? Some of these old timers had been picking all their lives 45 and 50 years.. Traveled from Kansas, Missouri all over the United States to sell at Canton once a month.. 

Can remember I would set up for 7 days on the old side of Canton were all the good junk was they all bought from us and resold that was the name of the game, dealers selling to dealers.. I bought a piece of furniture for 15.00  across from me sold it 30 minutes later for 45.00.. Pulling up on monday ready to unload and sell stuff to customers they always ran to me.. Helping me unload that was awful nice of them, actually they were fighting over first pick of what I had 🙂

I would sell at least 8 -16 ft trailer loads every show starting off with 2 on monday when it began. Every night coming home to reload and go back the next morning to unload and sell. I worked hard and sold even better I sold cheap but made money. They loved my eye for junk  some said creative eye well. 

A group of ladies approached me at canton they were regulars dealers from Mckinney Texas. They asked if I would mind bringing them a trailer load of shabby chic furniture please just give it a try. So I went first trip was perfect sold everything I took to the antique shop on the square where we meet,  the ladies took stuff inside and priced it to sell..

See a real picker back in the day would take stuff to antique shops not their OWN!! 

I was a picker for that shop.. to be continued

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