Old Friend Matt – Raymond! You prolly don’t remember me but we both had Guinda Cox and were in jail the same time around ten years ago. Anyway you had a lot of wisdom you shared with me. We hung out several times when we got out. You were picking then too. Bro I never had the chance but thank you. I appreciate everything you did and all the talks we had. I’m glad you’re doing good. I just sometimes remember the people that helped me along the way. Now that I’ve had my life together now for a long time. Married, and a little boy. Thanks again

Raymond Guest Me – I remember you gotten a little bit older as we all have… man that is so good to hear you have it together and maybe i had a small part in it… of course lol.. a lady told me years ago when I was 17 in rusk state hospital the drinking side.. she said if you would just take a one quarter of the energy you are putting into staying messed up into doing good would be no stopping you.. a lot easier staying clean for me than staying messed up.. still have life but so far no cops.. i am jealous looking at your picture beautiful wife and cute baby.. you have it going on and should be thankful every night.. I am not wise just repeat what others have told me.. Matt you are a miracle and put a smile on my face thank you.. Remember a lot of those guys have died or spending lives in prison that we were in there with, couldn’t break the cycle for one reason or another.. lets stay in touch..

I am going to post this may help someone