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Life can often lead us into confusion as to who we are and who we want to be. That is often clouded by who our peers think we are or should be. We may start out by rebelling against everyone and everything due to the confusion of not knowing who we are.

Some of us find ourselves quickly and do very well. Others run into what seems like insurmountable troubles. Mine being told I had but six months to live as I had stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. That was my 26th birthday. These are the things that shape us and mold us into who we become. I became a very strong woman and overcame what they said was impossible back then. During the time I was fighting for my life, My mother died. She was only 52. I have 2 sons, I was terrified that they would be left without a mother and a Grandmother. I had to Fight. There was no other choice.
I have had 2 other runs with cancer since then and I have overcome them as well. I had become a very strong woman.
Just 2 years ago at age 53 my husband had a massive heart attack and died just after I had kissed him goodnight and said I love you. We did that every single night of our 21 years 18 days of marriage. I would kiss him and say ” I love you and he would kiss me back and say” But I will Always Love You More”. That night he kissed me back but never had the chance to tell me he loved me more. His heart had exploded in his chest at that very moment and he was gone.

I wanted to lay down and die with him. That would have been so easy….BUT, I have 3 granddaughters, 2 of whom lived with us. I had to get up and keep going. I had no other choice. What would become of the girls?
So here I am today and my life has been changed drastically. I am not bitter because of the way my life has played out. I am blessed to still be here. I have found that all of these trials have made me into a very strong woman, A super GrandMother,and I am at peace within myself.
I have lived a very blessed life.I have been given 2 sons and 3 granddaughters. I was also blessed with a wonderful husband who loved me with every fiber of his being. Not many people ever find that in their lifetime.
I am Blessed and I know that the best gift you can ever give is your love. So give it freely and tell those around you what they mean to you . Don’t wait until tomorrow, Say it today. Tomorrow may be too late. So Raymond I must tell you that I love you. You have brought me many smiles with your wisdom and many pictures of the beauty that is made by your hands.
You have never met me, but you have been a part of my life that is inspiring and I look forward to each new piece you share with us. You are sharing a very intimate part of yourself in your Art..