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Sir Henry My Buddy a Rescue

Found Henry a few years ago, was on the side of the road I figured had been hit by a car and was dead. Just then I saw him move his head, so I turned around to check on him. Laying beside him was a empty bag of cheetos, seems he was licking the bag, he was starving skin and bones.

Noticed he had one gold eye and one light blue, he looked so sad and hungry. I inspected him noticed was a big cut across his back. As if someone had hit him with something and Henry was neutered.

He was just a puppy.

I called to him was going to put him in my car and grab him a hamburger, he just looked at me with those eyes as if he wanted to come but couldn’t get up. So picked him up put him into the car.

Bought him 2 hamburgers, he devoured them both and gave him some water then took him home. I put him up for adoption but no one was right for Sir Henry this was a special dog I could tell probably from royalty blood, he had manners wouldn’t eat with the other dogs.

Had to have his own bowl and will nibble at his food laying down with front arms crossed, the other rescues just dive right in.

He is forever grateful, I can tell a rescued animal never forgets what you did for them.

Visit Your Local Shelter Save A Life Adopt Today 

most shelters only hold the animals 3 days then put them down, they don’t tell you this of course but it a fact in my town anyway.

Thanks for reading about Sir Henry

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