Garden Truck Tailgate Bench Outdoor Furniture

  • Ford Truck Tailgate Garden Bench, Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Decor, Sculptural FurnitureOne-of-a-kind custom made Ford Tail Gate Bench, made with recycled iron, salvaged chain as well reclaimed wood from a house over 100 years old, this mill cut wood. Durable handmade as well welded metal will last many years to come.

    – One of a kind custom made
    – Made of recycled iron and salvaged chain
    – From reclaimed mill cut wood
    – 1940’s Ford TruckTailgate
    – Metal Straps Across Seat

    – 51 inches wide x 48 inches tall x 23 inches deep

    – Ships in 1 week
    – Make it yours by placing an order now

    By Raymond Guest artist at

  • Recycled Salvage Design
  • www.recycledsalvage.com