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My son was 23 showing his ass drinking drugging getting tatted up.. see he was trying to out do his dad.. I had been clean a minute.. was trying to make up for lost time with him..

this song.. says it best..

I was trying to get him to sober up quit getting tats they were every where.. the last time i saw him.. he was getting a tat he wanted me to come and see, so I did ..

a week later on a friday night his girlfriend had left him.. he was drinking and he was going to treatment the next morning.. he ran into a bridge doing 90 miles an hour.. I think suicide..

I held it together a week later i went to the same artist he used and started mine.. I had a few then but now have many with color they remind me of him.. tatted on my right arm something he taught me

“to thine ownself be true” Shakespeare

I have made peace with it his mission was complete