Whimsical Dragonfly Metal Wall Art Outdoor Sculpture Garden Decor Custom made to order inbox for details on pricing shipping info. Upcycled dragonfly wall art for your garden fence, patio decor or outdoor accessory, sure to brighten any space this unique outdoor sculpture is durable sure to last many years. Made as wall hangings or wall sculptures as well please check other listings. Upcycled repurposed scrap metal salvage material used to make this unique one of a kind garden art item. Can be used for patio yard decor in the front or back yard perfect accessory artwork for your rock or flower garden. Custom colorful paints applied to give this art piece true beauty. Welded heavy salvaged metals used to make our products sustainable and durable to last many years. The recycled sculpture art you see is original, not copied or mass produced come straight from my heart, most of it has a story behind. By Raymond Guest artist at Recycled Salvage Design