Reuse Recycled Repurposed Refurnished Reclaimed Wood Timber

Home being demolished 1890s when built

Mill Cut Reclaimed Wood Pine 1890s As the name implies, reclaimed wood is wood material that has been reclaimed from its current use, then resawn or remanufactured for a new purpose. Usually it is rescued from the landfill, burning, or grinding for hog fuel (to be burned for electricity). Reclaimed wood can be very old and referred to as “antique wood”. Reclaimed building materials are highly sought after by Architects and fine builders worldwide for its superior qualities. Today, reclaimed wood is considered to be a green building material because of its arguably better ecological properties. The term “reclaimed wood” has emerged as the primary term to identify recovered wood raw materials remanufactured into useful recycled building materials. So it applies to both the raw material and the finished product depending on context.

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