About Us

We offer upcycled, repurposed outdoor patio garden furniture, garden art sculptures and we specialize in.made-to-order project designs.

See our online store for custom-built, handmade, one of a kind, recycled art from found objects and scrap metal materials.

Developing an eye for original rare items, picker of vintage for 20 plus years always wanted to weld see what could be made with some of these items.

Oct 2013 I finally decided to teach self to weld and soon after people began calling me an artist.

Some art tells a story most taken from life experiences, no education or degrees in art have been told for years have a creative eye..

Interviewed with news media, Junk Mafia, Texas Country Reporter and several local news papers, others have written stories as have blogs on the internet.

Custom made here in Texas at my studio items are built for sustainability, durability guaranteed to last 50 years minimum with proper care. If not send it back I fix it free of charge.

Great for the environment and adds character to each unique piece, each telling a story of their own.

Raymond Guest East Texas 903.452.8761 –

Recycled Salvage Design http://www.recycledsalvagedesign.com

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